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Practice Partner® with Bright Note Technology™


  • Improves documentation quality (legible, organized, complete)
  • Facilitates better patient communication
  • Accommodates different physician styles through flexible progress note templates
  • Improves medication management
  • Enhances efficiency of signing of charts


  • Bright Note Technology™
  • Choice of data entry methods
  • Single-screen progress note entry saves clicks and eliminates "jumping around"
  • Prescription writing, faxing and drug interaction/allergy checking
  • Built-in protocols and reminders (including health maintenance)
  • Server-based system hosted in your office


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Practice Partner® is a leading EHR and Practice Management Solution. It provides fully-integrated Medical Records, Billing and Appointment Scheduler for maximum efficiency. The EHR can be implemented individually if you wish to keep your existing practice management system in place. Practice Partner is a highly-configurable EHR allowing physicians and office staff to tailor workflows, specifically the note-taking process, to their preferred style. Working like a physician’s chart, the single screen progress note within Practice Partner, coupled with Bright Note Technology™, delivers a powerful tool to help you quickly search and access data throughout the entire practice record. It comes with a host of unique tools to improve both office and clinical efficiency while helping to improve quality of care.

At work at thousands of practices nationwide, the Practice Partner system helps practices of all sizes and specialties improve their quality of care and their bottom-line productivity.


Bright Note Technology™

Bright Note Technology™ - The dynamic processing power which uses single-note synchronization to instantaneously send patient data arcross the entire chart. Providers can use their preferred charting style to capture data in a single screen note. The result is improved use, greater efficiency and enhanced clinical reporting and health outcomes.


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